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Bodumedi FM community radio station is a youth-orientated radio station that serves and is based in the community groups of Mamusa local municipalities in Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati district. The station is aiming to provide a full spectrum of programming contents for its targeted community, especially the youth as the formula combining 60% talk and 40% music. The station was initiated with the aim of supporting the community's interest and working for social changes amongst its community. Mamusa community radio station is aiming to provide information and assistance to the community through media and the internet, as well as with creating job opportunities with accessing all information, education, news and all other important programs that might build better lives for all young graduates in our community to gain experience to enter the job market and give young people skills to start their businesses. The community of Mamusa is proud of the station of her own, where 100% of presenters are born and bred in the community. Opportunities to learn media through the community radio will be highlighted and be created for the youth of Mapusa.

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