‘SA’s energy crisis can be averted if we all work together’ – BUSA

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9 hours ago


Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) President, Sipho Pityana, says companies are willing to work with labour, government and civil society to assist in moving South Africa out of the energy crisis it currently faces.

Pityana was responding to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of a partial liberalisation of the energy sector.

Ramaphosa announced that government would soon be lifting the limit on self-generation of power from one megawatt to 100 megawatts.

Eskom is expected to continue with stage three load shedding until the end of this week.

Pityana was speaking on the SABC’s The Watchdog programme hosted by Vuyo Mvoko:

Meanwhile, Cosatu’s President Zingiswa Losi says any additional source of reliable energy is welcome in South Africa as the country continues to endure load shedding.

She says Ramaphosa’s announcement does not offer any immediate relief to ordinary people who are enduring stage three load shedding.