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Mobile Radio App for your radio station built for Android, Huawei and iOS. Available for Famcast Plus customers.

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App Features

Complete mobile solutions for a global audience, at no cost to broadcasters.


Show what's up next from your station's schedule to keep listeners coming back for more.


Radio has always been the voice for information about local events, concerts, sports, and more. Listeners can access information at anytime,

Live Stream

Listeners can access your station almost anytime and anywhere, even through BlueTooth devices and your car.

Push Notifications

Send messages directly to your listeners phone. Keep them informed of important up to date information, such as events, weather, school closings, and more. Messages are sent directly to your listener’s phone.

News feed

Keep listeners updated with an RSS feed from your website, blog, or elsewhere.


Add a podcast feed and your listeners will have access to all your content in one place.