How to connect BUTT Encoder with FamCast

6 years ago


BUTT is a multi-operating system client broadcaster, meaning you can broadcast on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It only handles input from a computer, for example, live feeds like talking into a microphone or on a computer’s sound-card.

Download BUTT here.

Adding a Server

In the BUTT window click the “Settings” button to open up the settings window if not already open. Click the “Add” button under ‘Server’, Fill in your server details.

  • Name: This is a pet name, used to identify the connection in BUTT
  • Type: Icecast2
  • Address: e.g.
  • Port: 4 digit number e.g. 8003
  • Password:  e.g. aa1a111aa1a
  • MountPoint: e.g. stream
  • User: e.g. source

Once complete click “Add” to add the server.


Adding Station Info

This consists of the stream name and website URL. You can add this from the settings window under ‘Stream Infos’.

Click ‘Add’ when complete.


To start broadcasting to, click the play button in the main window. That’s it, you’re now broadcasting!