Why not E-commerce?

3 years ago


With South Africa as a developing country, it has continuously aimed at closing the digital divide gap considering that technology is advancing rapidly. We have shifted from manual to electronic nor wireless purchases and selling. Consumers are caught between the traditional and modern ways or receiving products and services, while the shift escalates not ignoring the fact that the Corona Pandemic has caused a great stress to the market globally. Now this is why one should elevate to E-commerce.

E-commerce is conducting business transactions that include selling information, services, and goods over the internet and broader economic activity is included. E-commerce consists of variety ways in which one can buy and sell goods or services along with internal organizational transactions that support those activities. E-commerce originated in a standard for the exchange of business documents, such as orders or invoices, between suppliers and their business customers. Those origins date to the 1948–49 Berlin blockade and airlift with a system of ordering goods primarily via telex. Various industries elaborated upon that system in the ensuing decades before the first general standard was published in 1975.


A wise man once said, use the money to make money. We say use data to make money, in support of contributing to the economy and securing expenses over savings. One can transfer to e-commerce where you can manage and sell products online at the tip of your hands. The amazing part is that e-commerce on its own has tremendous benefits both financially and socially. One can start a website which is anytime less expensive than a physical outlet. You do not have to furnish your outlet, pay rent or hire several employees to work in it. You work smart, flexible and at a low cost. The cost of marketing and promotion is also at a very low cost. There are a lot of online stores which are open on different social media platforms that could work for your advantage. Social network sites, such as Facebook are used as channels to market and sell to consumers through reviews, sharing of posts and advertising.

E-commerce has deeply affected everyday life and how business and governments operate. Commerce is conducted in electronic marketspaces. Consumer marketplaces include large e-malls (such as Amazon), eBay multichannel retailers (such as L.L. Bean), and many millions of e-retailers. This economic marketplace has almost instantaneous access to services such as transportation (e.g. Uber).

You can also learn how to manage an online store, take an online course on digital marketing to grasp all the required knowledge and skills needed to have a successful online store.

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