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Winamp and Shoutcast DSP

Setting up the Shoutcast DSP Plugin 1) Start Winamp and […]


How to start your own Online Radio

The radio signal is not transmitted via AM or FM, but streamed via the internet. This means that your device needs to be connected to the internet to receive the radio station.


Recommended Audio Software for Your Radio Station!

Broadcast live to your online radio station using the best audio streaming software built by and for radio professionals.


How Covid-19 is converting South African shoppers from ‘bricks to clicks’

As the defining event of this year (if not the decade), the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world to ‘adapt to a new normal’. While some industries are hidebound, experts expect the retail sector to change permanently as more businesses adopt a bricks-and-clicks model or move online completely.


How to connect Winamp with FamCast

Learn how to broadcast using Winamp with the FamCast. This is a free plugin for Winamp that lets you stream out to the Internet.


How to connect Edcast Standalone to Famcast

This is a free application that can broadcast live audio to famcast servers. Edcast doesn’t require any other software to operate (hence the name ‘Standalone’), and is ideal for 24/7 live streaming environments such as streaming an AM/FM station over the internet.


How to connect BUTT Encoder with FamCast

BUTT is a multi-operating system client broadcaster, meaning you can broadcast on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It only handles input from a computer, for example, live feeds like talking into a microphone or on a computer’s sound-card.


How to connect Sam Broadcaster to FamCast

How to connect Sam Broadcaster to FamCast Next from the […]